highly qualified legal assistance
in medical issues

About Us

Medical Law Office offers highly-qualified legal assistance in cases related to medicine: clinical negligence, the liability of medical professionals, the representation of clients’ interests in governmental health care institutions etc.

The head of Medical Law Office, attorney at law Mr. Ronalds Rozkalns has both the legal qualification and diploma of medical doctor. Comprehensive education as well as more than 10 year experience in the field of medical law secure careful analysis of both legal and medical circumstances in order to advise the best legal solution.


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  • Medical Treatment Risk Fund
  • patients rights
  • medical confidentiality
  • informed consent
  • assessment of quality of health care
  • cross-boarder medical treatment
  • medical research
  • pharmaceutical law
  • reimbursement of health care costs
  • registration of medicines and medical devices
  • bodily injuries due to traffic accident
  • occupational injury
  • medical products liability